domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Latest news on Maxi, Lucky, Alpie, Luna, Poppy and Nala, and Lula

Dear little Claudia,

Lula has 4 girlies and 2 boys. She's working very hard to get them going and she is a little tired, as you can see from the picture.

We already have a name for the puppies while they live with us. The 2 boys are Maxi and Lucky. They are both very hungry and they are always around their mummy's breasts. Maxi is on top of Lucky on this picture.

The 4 girls are Alpie (a very active girlie who is always climbing everywhere), Alpie is little and quite white and she is always running around. We already know her and we can tell her apart; then there's Luna (your still undefined puppy), Poppy and Nala. We'll tell you more about them as soon as we get to know them better.

Lots of mellow yellow kisses, just for you, our little Claudia!

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