viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

The five senses

There's a book I have that I will read to you when you are around us, and not only in your mum's belly. It's called THE FIVE SENSES. It's a book by Hervé Tullet. This book invites you, and me and everyone, to FEEL and be. Because, my darling Claudia, is there anything more beautifil than...

SEEING the clouds and the sun, and the moon?
HEARING the sound of your heart and the sound of music?
SMELLING the lovely smell of bread, of a homemade meal, the lovely smell of love?
TOUCHING the heart of those who are around you. Touching yourself and feel the touch, deep in your heart?
TASTING the wind, fire, water, nature... ?

I will SEE you, hear YOU, SMELL you, touch YOU, TASTE you and just feel you ! REAL SOON!


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